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Cloud Computing Companies: Top 5 Considerations before you migrate

The Cloud Computing Market is a complex place. Everyday new cloud computing companies are emerging with the latest and greatest technology for hosting client’s websites and applications. In a recent 2012 Data Center Dynamics survey, 47% of responding CIO and IT managers said they were considering implementing 1 or 2 business applications to a cloud […]

Are Cloud Hosting Prices going up or down?

As more providers enter the cloud server marketplace, Cloud hosting prices continue to get more competitive and affordable year over year. Because of the increasing affordability, more and more businesses are seeing the value of paying for innovative cloud technology. Think about it, cloud computing allows for an unlimited number of your virtual machines to […]

Where can you find Cloud Hosting Reviews?

Cloud hosting is a major buzz these days. If you are not using a cloud solution today, it is most likely that you will using one in the near future. Cloud hosting offers immediate benefits like cost-savings, scalability and quick installations. Hosting reviews sites are all over the Web these days. Many can be found […]