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Cloud Hosting Prices – A Few Examples

Cloud computing has become “the phrase du jour”, and it’s getting bigger. But how do we define it, and even go about using it? Well, chances are you’ve been exposed to some form of cloud computing already. Widely-used email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail orAol allow you to log in to your email remotely, and access your files […]

Top 5 Alternatives to the Amazon Cloud

Have you been impacted by recent problems with Amazon’s Cloud Service? Suffering from their service outages (three this year so far)? Here are 5 Amazon Cloud alternatives: 1. Rackspace is a popular cloud service that offers public, private and hybrid clouds. While it is a little pricier, their service and support are superior. Most companies say they […]

Where can you find Cloud Hosting Reviews?

Cloud hosting is a major buzz these days. If you are not using a cloud solution today, it is most likely that you will using one in the near future. Cloud hosting offers immediate benefits like cost-savings, scalability and quick installations. Hosting reviews sites are all over the Web these days. Many can be found […]