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Benefits of Cloud Computing for Accountants

                  Location independence Cloud computing introduces location independence- which means that you can access your work from anywhere with an Internet connection. This is a major benefit for accounting firms that have multiple offices and remote workers.Also, the worries of somebody damaging your hardware or stealing, say, […]

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Lawyers

More and more companies are moving their data to “the cloud.” In fact, IDC estimates public IT cloud services spending will reach $100 billion in 2016, while Gartner predicts the worldwide cloud services market will grow to more than $109 billion in 2012. While the surging popularity of cloud computing is clear, there are many […]

3 Benefits of Private Cloud Computing for Small Business

Today, small businesses are a critical component of our economy. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), companies with less than 500 employees provide jobs for more than half of the United States’s private workforce. Small businesses not only help the US economy and job growth but they are also a critical component of fufilling […]

Cloud Computing Companies: Top 5 Considerations before you migrate

The Cloud Computing Market is a complex place. Everyday new cloud computing companies are emerging with the latest and greatest technology for hosting client’s websites and applications. In a recent 2012 Data Center Dynamics survey, 47% of responding CIO and IT managers said they were considering implementing 1 or 2 business applications to a cloud […]

Cloud Based Applications – 5 Advantages for your Business

Cloud Based Applications (aka Cloud Based Apps) are a hot topic these days. Look around and you will find them just about everywhere. Google’s Gmail, a free email service, is a simple example of a cloud based app. Just connect to the internet, log in and you can access your application (email) from anywhere in […]

Cloud Providers Dallas: Is the Cloud right for your Business?

Cloud Computing is all the hype these days. Just Google the term “Cloud Computing” and you will come up with about 221,000,000 results describing what it is and how it can save you time and money. One of the hottest cloud markets is Dallas, TX. The Dallas area is full of some of the most […]

Cloud Computing SAAS Advantages

Cloud computing allows businesses to use servers, storage and applications from a remote source through the internet. Cloud SAAS (software as a service) provides the same kind of service but for software applications. Both of these services allow business to keep costs down by not having to invest in costly hardware and software, not to […]

Cloud Computing Outage -Extra, Extra, read all about it!

We will frequently update this Blog when we come across cloud computing outages. Two of the cloud industry’s largest and most well known providers – RackSpace and Amazon have suffered outages . RackSpace experienced 4 major outages in 2009. In April 2011, Amazon suffered daily /hourly outages in April and August. Recently this June (2012), […]

Cloud Computing IAAS Advantages

  Today, many businesses are heavily into downsizing. Right from manual labor reducations to getting rid of excessive equipment, it is all about cutting costs and reducing expenses. Cloud Computing technology has helped dramatically reduce IT costs by moving all data to a cloud server. What is Cloud Computing IAAS? Cloud Computing IAAS (Infrastructure as a […]

Are Cloud Hosting Prices going up or down?

As more providers enter the cloud server marketplace, Cloud hosting prices continue to get more competitive and affordable year over year. Because of the increasing affordability, more and more businesses are seeing the value of paying for innovative cloud technology. Think about it, cloud computing allows for an unlimited number of your virtual machines to […]