Cloud computing describes a computer and IT solution where your business computing environment is provided from a remote location. All software applications, data and computer resources are managed off-site by a cloud computing host. This eliminates the need for businesses to pay for software, licensing, IT hardware, IT staff and other resources required to run a modern business. It also means less downtime and fewer compatibility problems.

There are other advantages of working with a cloud service. All computer resources can be centralized. Centralized computing means that you can access your business information and resources from anywhere. Different business branches or locations can also access the same information, ensuring consistent data, eliminating duplication and the need to transfer data from one location to another.

Cost reduction can be another advantage of being in the cloud; by requiring less human resources, software licensing, hardware, and improved efficiency. So what is cloud computing from a business perspective? It is a cost-reduction, productivity-enhancing, resource-consolidation solution, accessible through remote means.









What cloud computing is for each company is unique to the specific needs for each company. A cloud solution allows companies to utilize only the cloud applications they need, when they need them. Each company requires different cloud applications depending on their unique needs. When in the cloud, a business can pool together the cloud applications they need to get the job done. If additional applications are needed, or no longer needed, they can be added or discarded.

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