In uncertain economic times, it’s important for any business to carefully consider its operating expenses. Many business owners know the buzz words of their IT departments and little else – IT is something that exists apart from the rest of the company until something goes wrong. One way to avoid that pitfall is to turn toward the emerging area of cloud computing. Not only do cloud computing options increase IT department efficiency, removing the storage and management of computer systems from a central workplace will also increase productivity. Here’s how.

Improve Employee Collaboration

Employees working on a project together are presently limited in how they share information. Exchanging e-mails is less secure than is ideal for many companies. Not only do e-mail trades expose problems with version control, any single account that is compromised can leak dozens of copies of sensitive files into the wild. A number of companies have tried to tackle the issue of cooperative work – live editing of files, immediate exchange and upload of information, and even web applications that are stored online. Each of these things is a step toward complete cloud computing integration, and each has seen a measured increase in productivity.This is the content. This is demonstration text. Click ‘edit’ above to create your own content.

Gain Remote Access to Critical Files

A second benefit of cloud computing is that employees need not be in the office to access documents. There are security issues with providing home access to sensitive information stored on office equipment – viruses and malware on employee-owned personal computers could potentially breach the barriers and open an entire corporate network to attackers. Cloud services, on the other hand, have their own security staff, their own security measures, and have been designed from the ground up to allow for access from anywhere. This access makes for much better urgent issue response, increases the ability to make simple modifications from anywhere, and, perhaps most importantly, means that the staff member responsible for a project can log in and assess or correct an issue from afar – meaning no time will be wasted as someone tries to decipher workflow and data structure.

Improve Information Security

Cloud project management has been popular in some industries for a number of years. Now, the technology has finally evolved out of the programming workshop. It’s a valuable resource for any business owner concerned with worker productivity, as well as a reasonable consideration for the home owner worried about data integrity and long-term survivability. The fact is, many people can’t put a price on never needing to worry about a hard drive crash, system failure, or software bug. Cloud computing is the solution to all of those.

With the easy access to reliable, fast, and affordable bandwidth, Cloud Computing is a convenient productivity booster for businesses of all sizes. Contact Quote Cloud Computing today and learn more about how you can lower your IT/Networking expenses while enhancing the productivity of your team.