The spirit of cloud computing is to allow businesses to utilize only the cloud applications they need, when they need it. Each business will require different cloud applications depending on their own specific needs. Through “the cloud,” a business can pool together the cloud applications they need to get the job done. If additional applications are needed, or no longer needed, they can be added or discarded.

When you choose a cloud computing solution, you need to verify that the cloud applications that you need, or will need, are available. Choosing the wrong cloud provider can be a time-consuming venture, requiring you to migrate, or lose, information as you move to new provider. At Quote Cloud Computing, we help you make the right choice, selecting the cloud solution with the cloud applications you need to sustain and grow your business.

Basic Cloud Application List

  • Email (desktop and web access, spam filters)
  • Customer resource management (CRM)
  • Project management
  • Accounting
  • Business web portal or Intranet
  • Business and event calendar
  • Data management
  • Documents, spreadsheets, presentations
  • Data backup, secured data
  • Remote access for desktops and mobile devices
  • Platform independent

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