A hybrid cloud is a new and versatale solution provided by cloud computing providers, enabling businesses to manage some resources in-house; and have others managed externally. For example, a company may use a public cloud service for general computing needs but then store customer data within its own data center.

hybrid-computingCloud computing is often said to be the future of the industry, and the hybrid cloud computing model is the most flexible cloud concept. Corporations can choose which resources to maintain and build on their own, while offloading other key applications to the cloud. The hybrid cloud computing model may also serve as a bridge between traditional IT management, and the migration to a pure public cloud solution.

Security is another key feature of hybrid cloud computing. Businesses with extremely sensitive data, government organizations or even private individuals may wish to keep their information on site, providing their own data management. A hybrid cloud solution provides the flexibility to play the strengths of a private cloud, public cloud and traditional IT infrastructure.

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