Losing critical business data due to a hard drive crash, hardware failure or even by mistake, is a lingering fear to all who rely on computers. A business can literally be brought to its knees when important data is lost or inaccessible. Traditional data backup methods are unreliable, difficult to manage, and can break down as well.

Cloud backup services are now considered by many to be the safest and most convenient method for data backup and storage. This includes both personal and business cloud backup solutions. Cloud backup services have evolved to provide a streamlined solution that does not interfere with business productivity or the feeling of a “slow computer.” Well designed cloud backup software can determine when a computer is in use, and it constantly works in the background when you are not using your computer. Almost magically, your data is stored remotely, safe from chaos, in the cloud.











Security is another key feature for cloud backup services. While an external hard drive can be stolen, or a computer can be hacked, the data stored through a cloud backup service will be encrypted and protected by powerful security and firewall resources. This is critical for sensitive data relating to the medical industry, finance, credit card information, customer contact information and other confidential data. New regulations in many industries require secure data, and the cloud is a perfect fit.

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