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Benefits of Cloud Computing for Accountants

                  Location independence Cloud computing introduces location independence- which means that you can access your work from anywhere with an Internet connection. This is a major benefit for accounting firms that have multiple offices and remote workers.Also, the worries of somebody damaging your hardware or stealing, say, […]

Top 3 Benefits of Secure Cloud Storage for Business

The cloud offers storage and synchronous communication for both public and private use. Unlike public cloud storage that offers free email addresses and other media tools used commonly online, private secure cloud storage offers protection against lost files and prying eyes. Private secure storage is optimal for businesses that need technological options for employees so […]

5 Things to Consider when Evaluating Private Cloud Providers

Businesses are increasingly turning from on-site to cloud-based computing. According to research carried out by Gartner, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sector will grow by 17.4 percent through 2016. Within SaaS, business intelligence applications category will grow by 27.1 percent, office suite applications by 40.7 percent, and digital content creation applications by 32.2 percent. These statistics show […]

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Lawyers

More and more companies are moving their data to “the cloud.” In fact, IDC estimates public IT cloud services spending will reach $100 billion in 2016, while Gartner predicts the worldwide cloud services market will grow to more than $109 billion in 2012. While the surging popularity of cloud computing is clear, there are many […]

3 Benefits of Private Cloud Computing for Small Business

Today, small businesses are a critical component of our economy. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), companies with less than 500 employees provide jobs for more than half of the United States’s private workforce. Small businesses not only help the US economy and job growth but they are also a critical component of fufilling […]

Managed Private Cloud – Top 4 Business Benefits

Clients shopping for outsourced cloud hosting solutions have plenty of options these days. Public clouds are services provided by a cloud computing host which make resources like websites, applications and storage available via a simple Internet connection.Private clouds (aka secure clouds) are services provided by cloud hosts that offer company resources like application and databases behind a secure […]

Cloud Hosting Prices – A Few Examples

Cloud computing has become “the phrase du jour”, and it’s getting bigger. But how do we define it, and even go about using it? Well, chances are you’ve been exposed to some form of cloud computing already. Widely-used email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail orAol allow you to log in to your email remotely, and access your files […]

Hosted Private Cloud: A fit for your business?

Cloud computing has generated a lot of buzz in the business realm. However, most people refer to public clouds when talking about this technology, which have many drawbacks because businesses share the same virtualized environment. Recent outages with the Amazon Cloud service has made many clients “think twice” about using a public cloud service for […]

Top 5 Alternatives to the Amazon Cloud

Have you been impacted by recent problems with Amazon’s Cloud Service? Suffering from their service outages (three this year so far)? Here are 5 Amazon Cloud alternatives: 1. Rackspace is a popular cloud service that offers public, private and hybrid clouds. While it is a little pricier, their service and support are superior. Most companies say they […]

Cloud Computing Companies: Top 5 Considerations before you migrate

The Cloud Computing Market is a complex place. Everyday new cloud computing companies are emerging with the latest and greatest technology for hosting client’s websites and applications. In a recent 2012 Data Center Dynamics survey, 47% of responding CIO and IT managers said they were considering implementing 1 or 2 business applications to a cloud […]