3 Benefits of Private Cloud Computing for Small Business

Cloud computing safety

Today, small businesses are a critical component of our economy. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), companies with less than 500 employees provide jobs for more than half of the United States’s private workforce. Small businesses not only help the US economy and job growth but they are also a critical component of fufilling local needs and community building. High tech small businesses and start ups are a leading force of innovation in America.

Today, small and businesses have a plethora of outsourced hosting options to choose from – shared hosting, colocation, dedicated servers, managed hosting and cloud computing. In this article, we will review 3 of the top benefits of private cloud computing for small business.

(1) Security and Compliance - Due to government regulations and client confidentiality concerns,  many small businesses are becoming more security stringent. Accountants and lawyers who host confidential client data and tax records, need to make sure there cloud provider offers a private solution with the proper security measures in place. Most qualified private cloud computing providers have met very stringent requirements such as HIPPA, PCI and SSAE16.

(2) Cost Savings - From the start, a private cloud infrastructure will save your firm money. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on servers and hardware, clients can find a qualified private cloud vendor for a simple monthly fee. Private clouds are managed by the hoster so you are not responsible for the costly maintenance and upkeep of all of the hosted infrastructure.

(3) Scalability - Private clouds by nature are scalable. Many small businesses are unsure of their website and application traffic levels. Here is where cloud computing comes in. End users have the flexibility to scale their hosted infrastructure both up or down by simply making a phone call or making adjustments within their user control panel. This type of scalability not only will give you a better level of performance but will also save your firm money in the long run. Using a private cloud service will eliminate the need to buy more servers and hardware because you anticipate increased traffic loads.

If your small business is considering a private cloud computing service, download our free whitepaper on the 10 tips to finding the best cloud provider.

If you are interested in more detailed information or have questions, contact us directly to set up a free 10 minute consultation.



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